If you believe you suffer from any of the following, I am here to help you identify your goals, break free from old patterns and discover a path for you which will help you achieve those goals and be the best you can be.

I have developed two fantastic programmes to give you a concrete resource which will help you move beyond anxiety and/or depression.

"At Ease"

Do you: dread upcoming events, worrying about how badly things might go?

Feel isolated because you avoid meeting or socialising with friends or colleagues?

Worry about appointments, or meeting new people?

Would you like to:

-take everyday occurrences and appointments in your stride?

-easily and enjoyably meet with friends and colleagues?

-look forward to future events with excitement and anticipation?

With just a few coaching sessions and some things to do at home people just like you have achieved this with the 'At Ease' programme.

"My Self"

Do you:

-wonder what causes your mind and body to want to shut down, sleep, feel hopeless and helpless?

Would you be interested in knowing how you can reverse that process and feel like yourself again?

There are things that people who are depressed do that help to keep them that way. Learn how you do depression and how not to do depression. No hashing out your life story over and over, just easy techniques that have changed lives. Make the most of the "My Self" programme.

These personalised programmes of 3 coaching sessions, workbook and email support cost only $270.

Email me now for a free sample activity. anna@change.net.nz

I deal with many aspects of change, teaching you to get the results you want with issues including: anxiety, phobias, fear, panic attacks, trauma, depression, relationships, confidence and motivation.

If this sounds like you; email me now to find out more

Allergies & Asthma Show

Growing Stages

Considered a phobia of the immune system, your body is 'freaking out' with an unresourceful response to a trigger which for most people, creates no such reaction. Let me show your immune system how to respond appropriately and give you a more resourceful outcome. Your body creates all the symptoms associated with allergies and asthma. When the unconscious part of your brain is convinced these triggers are no longer a threat it will allow your body to function normally in the way in which it was designed.


Phobias Show

Your unconscious mind is trying to do you a favour and protect you. It has linked a trigger with a 'fight or flight' response. With special techniques which don't involve stressful exposure to the phobic trigger, this link is switched to a more helpful response. The process is chatty, relaxing and easy-going, just the sort of response you'd like to have. By removing the anxiety from the original trigger, working your own magic on the scenarios which have been a problem and giving you strategies for future smooth sailing you will find a new confidence to approach the world and will no longer have to avoid the issue.


Trauma Show

If past events are still causing anguish in your present, we can work on filing them in a way which allows you to remember, without the churning of emotions which often goes with that. Reliving the memories often means you relive the emotions. I can teach you how to remove those negative feelings which are having an impact on the way you are currently living and planning for the future.


Chronic Pain Show

I know how it feels to live with chronic pain. Your unconscious mind has the ability to let go of that pain so you no longer notice it. Pain is the body's way of letting us know that something needs attention. Once you have attended to it and know that nothing more can be done, and indeed that further pain is creating an unhelpful health lifestyle, it is time to instruct your body to close the gate on those pathways sending those particular pain signals. By reducing pain we know that the stress levels decline and the positive spin offs in health and wellbeing increase.


Stress/Anxiety/OCD Show

Do you worry unnecessarily or not cope with stress? Does your anxiousness about safety, or concern for others or yourself, stop you living the way you would like to? You have been good at putting strategies in place to create that anxiety and indeed to help you function with it. Your brain has gridlocked three specific parts into over-exertion, this means that your detection of a problem, the concern about that, and the ability to recognise the problem has been resolved and move on, is stuck and goes round and round not allowing you to move on to new (and more enjoyable) thoughts. Let's use those skills to put strategies in place which will do more than just allow you to function, but will help you to quiet the parts of the brain which are dominating your responses, and activate the gear shift which will allow you to keep things in perspective and live an enjoyable life. Even if you are taking medication it is helpful to combine that with practising a new way of thinking so that your long term benefits are maximised. Your brain is plastic and can grow new pathways to allow you to enjoy a better life. Take that opportunity now.


Depression Show

That chemical change in you body is created by your body. Your mind and body are one system. Let me guide your unconscious mind to creating a more positive and happier state. Often it seems impossible to move away from the thoughts that are stuck in your brain. With new strategies and techniques to shift gear, shift focus and come out from under the heavy blanket of depression I can show you ways to enjoy life again. It may mean complementing any medication you may be taking, with a new way of thinking, talking and being, and a long term goal to coping in ways which give you back the enjoyment and wonder of life.


Smoking / Addiction Show

This can be deep seated and if it was a case of 'mind over matter' you would have kicked it before now. Together we can clear a lot of the issues surrounding your addiction and give you strong tools to change those links and strategies you have been using all this time - returning the choice to you. I'm not going to tell you you can never have another smoke or drink. Isn't that the best way to make you want it even more? A lot of the techniques used have been utilised in the very successful Brooklyn Programme in the United States. By re-filing the way in which you think about the substance we can put it back in its rightful place and give you back the power over your thoughts. "The demon that was 'Smoking', has gone, it's back to my choice," according to Tracey. I'll also help you deal with the stresses and triggers which trip you up. You'll have strong strategies to cope with situations in a positive and resourceful way.


Motivation Show

Create the drive within yourself to do those things you've been wanting and wishing for. Banish procrastination, create opportunities for yourself and realise your potential and personal excellence. Do you admire those people who just seem to get things done, achieve results and live a full and bountiful life? It doesn't happen by luck or because they read a book about wishing things to happen. They think about things in a way which means that they act. They set themselves up to succeed. The best part is that it's possible for you to do that too. I can help you find the triggers which will cause you to fire in a way that will give you drive and direction. If you want a different outcome you have to do things in a different way.


Weight Management Show

Struggling with yourself to gain control of your eating and exercise choices? I know a great process that will help you resolve that conflict and achieve your goals. Do you know what your downfalls are but do them anyway? Do you substitute food for comfort, or eat out of boredom or habit? Let me align your goals to be healthy and happy with the choices you make. Stop letting food dominate your thoughts and stop beating yourself up about your lack of success. Let's change your focus to what works, what feels good, and what makes a difference.


Spelling / Learning Difficulties Show

Feel like you're wired in a different way to everyone else? You probably are. With the latest brain research we now know which areas of the brain access different learning strategies. We can use this knowledge to give you easy techniques to make learning and retention easier. Because the brain is like plasticine with new firing links constantly growing and changing, the more you think in these new ways, the stronger the new pathways will become and the easier it will be to use your brain to its incredible potential. Nothing in the brain is set in concrete. With electrical and neurochemical changes happening all the time it possible to develop new ways of thinking and improve the way in which your brain delivers what you want.


Insomnia Show

Can't switch off? Having difficulty sleeping through the night? More than just another relaxation technique - I can help your unconscious mind to support your conscious efforts to gain a restful night's sleep. We can resolve conflicts within yourself, learn how to take back control of your thoughts, give your mind positive, helpful ways to occupy it and allow you to have a restful sleep. This will have huge spin offs - improving your health, wellbeing, ability to cope with stress and improving relationships at home and work. Allow yourself the opportunity to regain your life the way you want it.